Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

Abrak wrote:

dradam wrote:

Wow, thanks for going so in depth.

Just one question.  How does it work with the charms bar?  Do you swipe in from the side to reveal the charms and then need to scroll the mouse over to the one you want, or is there a separate way to interface with them on that edge of the touchpad?

Yes it is a good point you make. The 'charms bar' is an example over how a standard touch screen has an advantage over a 'touchpad'. With a touchpad you need to 'swipe' to get up the 'charms bar' and use your 'finger' to move the cursor to say the 'search' function.

But it really is about the only example and if I want to 'search' I would simply type into the start menu and if I wanted 'settings' I would simply press my 'control panel' tile etc. In other words I dont use the charms bar.

By the way even though my review of the touchpad was long I do think it was missing something.

I said that because 1) it was better at vertical scrolling than a scroll wheel but 2) it was less effective in say photoshop than a mouse without any justification. The reason for this is as follows....

If I say want to scroll this particular page we are in our web browser with the touchpad the faster I make the scroll gesture the faster it scrolls. I can scroll the entire page line by line slowly but it will take 2 entire scroll gestures of the 4 inch pad. Alternatively I can 'flick' an inch quickly and scroll the entire page in 1/10th of a second.

This works well for browsing but not in say photoshop. In order to say 'select' accurately you need to select slowly - so that you select about a quarter of what you want in a gesture that encompasses the entire touchpad and when you reset your finger on the toucchpad you tend to screw up your selection.

But really I am over- complicating the issue here. If you are looking to acquire the 'touchpad' to 'enhance' or 'facilitate' your w8 experience it is 'highly recommended' but if you are looking to buy the touchpad as a replacement for your mouse, I cant honestly recommend it unless your computer needs are (1) fairly basic or say you are (2) the sort of power user that has a 'gamepad' or 'wacom tablet' already for their specilalised needs.

My Wacom bamboo touch meets my needs for photo stuff, but unfortunately is too old to be enabled for Windows 8 gestures.

Thanks again for spending the time.  I will seriously consider one of these.

Though, again, I do wish there was more options available.  Imagine something like this, or slightly larger, with a basic screen where your metro tiles could live, and could still be used as a mouse.  I'm not sure exactly how something like that would work, but I'm sure someone smarter could figure it out.  I just feel that the touch/point duality of Windows 8 offers so many opportunities for new things in the desktop arena and it seems nobody is even trying beyond the terrible idea of a touch enabled monitor.

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