D800 PROBLEM or Im just missing something

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Questions thread
reginalddwight Senior Member • Posts: 2,003
Re: D800 PROBLEM or Im just missing something

Photopingwen wrote:

Shooting a wedding yesterday on D800 when suddenly shutterspeed was all the same no matter the setting... It sounded COMPLETELY different than it had all day. It sounded like the shutter (mirror) was just flapping up and back down quickly... THEN at the same time... I could not longer get accurate WB???? It was greenish. I am stunned as I have gone through EVERYTHING I know to do to try and fix it... I can't get long exposure NOTHING in the shutter speed changes NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!!


THANK GOODNESS for back up cameras is what I thought after this happened yesterday.

Yes, that's what backup cameras are for.

Fortunately nothing like that has happened to me yet, though it is a concern of mine.

Did you perform a camera reset?

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