Wisteria Blossoms & Bumble Bees

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Re: Males have no stinger, huh?

T Evergreen wrote:

The bee is a carpenter bee.  You can tell that's it is a male by the yellow spot between its mandibles.  Females don't have that spot on their faces.  The males are harmless; they don't have a stinger, but the females do.  If you see lots of them around, you might want to check your house for an infestation.  Carpenter bees attract wood peckers.

I did not know that. Even the females are fairly docile. The only time I've ever been stung by one is when I stepped on it with bare feet by accident. I don't fault the bee for that - I'd sting somebody too if they squashed me.

I've always called carpenter bees bumble bees - first because I didn't know any better, and later, just because they're big bees with fairly loud wingbeats.

What distinguishes bumble bees from other large bees?

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