TV as a monitor?

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Re: TV as a monitor?

1080p HD TVs don't match the sharpness and color of computer monitors, but, at several feet distance you really can't tell much difference.  Maybe its like billboards - up close the images suck, but farther away they look perfect. Viewing distance matters.

That said, I presently use a 24" computer display for my everyday editing that requires precision color and sharpness.  I am planning to move up to a Dell U3014 as soon as they fix the manufacturing bug in the first batch; I cancelled my first order last week as soon as I found out.

In my portrait studio I have another workstation hooked up to a 20" monitor attached to the e wall with a keyboard and mouse on a shelf below it.  My D800 sends images wirelessly to that system (a home grown 480 Mbps USB 2 transmitter transmitter/receiver pair).  I have a video card i that machinethat has an HDMI port and does 1080p. A HMDI cable runs around the room to an 80" Sharp LED TV and I get to see each shot life size as I am shooting and use it as a preview/review monitor afterwards (I am using Control My Nikon with it and can also do Live View wirelessly on the 80"). Because I am several feet away when viewing it - anywhere from 6-18 feet on average, the images looks brilliant and it really looks no different than my 20" or 24" monitor when using the mouse with Windows.

Again, I'd not use a TV as a desktop monitor, but if you've got a little viewing distance it works might fine.


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