Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

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Re: Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

blue_skies wrote:

Check for Russian lenses. You will find Jupiter there - search for M39 mount. (You can get an M39 adapter or convert to M mount with screw-on bajonet ring). Also check ebay for these lenses. I think $100 for the 50mm Sonnar should satisfy. Most other lenses are cheaper.

Check keh, amazon, ebay and craigslist for CG45. Price for an EX+ copy is around $450 or so.

The Metabones adapter is best, but also the most expensive. You have to order it directly from their website.

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Thanks after looking at some sample pics of the Jupiter it seems like it won't be quite as sharp as the CG45, and probably hard for me to work with. The Zeiss lens on the other hand seems to produce some amazingly sharp pictures in the right hands. I've been playing around with the Minolta Rokkor 45mm F2 the last few days and find MF to ba real joy on my NEX-6. I think I'm going to get the Cf45 from Adorama. Before I pull the trigger, anything else I should look at in the Zeiss or Leica options under $1000 (I feel very comfortable with MF already, and think its worth paying up for high quality glass I could potentially use forever)?

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