GF3 Images Soft on One Side

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Questions thread
jquagga Contributing Member • Posts: 616
Re: GF3 Images Soft on One Side

Was that shot on a tripod?  1/10th of a second is a bit slow for hand holding in many cases.  And if it was on a tripod I would try for a longer exposure at ISO 160.  But, assuming you got the same result with that setup it might be possible your lens is a dud (or body but I'd guess lens).

I no longer have a GF3 or 14-42 (I now have the GF5 with the 14-42 PZ), but looking back on my images, I didn't have problem side to side.

The 14 is a nice lens if you like wide.  When I got the GF3 that was the kit lens it came with.  Today I have the PZ and the 20 which is I think a bit better than the 14 but not as wide.

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