16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: How about some pictures?

And I forgot to mention I also shot a lot with ultra wide lenses on my nikon d7000 such as the sigma 10-20 and others.

Looking back at my photos I was astounded to see how the overall quality of my nikon photos for all lenses besides the 105mm macro lens have horrible uneven sharpness in the corners.
And all my lenses were professinaly calibrated to the camera body.
This whole debate of aps vs. m43 seems redundant and academic in my opinion.
If anyone reads this and out helps him focus on shooting and having fun and achieving great results without obsessing on these bending debates it was worth my time typing these messages.
And if it wasn't clear from my message - the old 12mp sensor are definitely and noticeably worse than the newer 16mp both of panny and sony in the omd em5.
Working with both in raw shows this very clearly.

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