Stereographic de-fishing for Samyang

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Re: Stereographic de-fishing for Samyang

novak977 wrote:

Murx wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Murx wrote:

Hi -

Haven't yet played with Hugin. This is the current state of affairs -

Original - not too bad, but you can see it is a fisheye

Defishing to rectilinear - pretty fat chairs, stretched corners.

Defishing to moderate stereographic

Not sure if any of these involved Fisheye Hemi, but I took your original (above) and let it run thru that plug-in:

Fisheye Hemi (Full Frame)

Hm - pretty convincing ....
ok - i guess that unfortunately implies i need to get the hemi plugin.

Aw. Sigh. Oh well.

Fish Eye Hemi is IMHO the best compromise that leads to fantastic results.

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I recently bought the Bower version of the Samyang 8mm.  Wanted to use it more as a wide angle than a fisheye.  I have found PTGui (not free) to be good to de-fish.

I took Murx's original image and used PTGui to get this:

Used PTGui to de-fish Murx's original image

You lose some of the image (curved black top left, top right).

PTGui has an interactive editor that helps achieve the look wanted.  I have tried Hugin a little, but I can't seem to use that editor as well as PTGui's.  PTGui is not as easy as Fisheye Hemi.

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