Looking for criticism on my composition.

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Re: Looking for criticism on my composition.

Whalligeo wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

Lots of good ideas except I really prefer the lighting, contrast and color of the child's face in the original over your crop. I thought the original lighting was exquisite. Maybe bringing out the eyes a little bit, but that's it would work for me, but I was pretty satisfied. I liked the pinker look and the deeper loop lighting.

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Cheers, Craig
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Same thing without the curves. I think you have a point

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They said it couldn't be done, so I encouraged my peers not to bother.

Since we're talking about composition, it's important to mention balance.  In the original photo, the stuff on the counter provides some balance to the baby/chair/tray/toys that are placed in the bottom right corner.  The counter clutter is visually unappealing yet draws attention as the balancing element.  This version is less cluttered but it is a little unbalanced towards the bottom right corner.  Bjorn's version has the best balance but the out of focus, cut off blue box becomes more visually problematic.  Somewhere between Bjorn's version and this one is probably the best you can do without reshooting.  I'd also do something to take some attention away from the stripe top middle.

Regardless, it's a very sweet moment,


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