Need your Opinion, d700 trade

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Re: Need your Opinion, d700 trade

Sutto wrote:

Oh Boy - this is a no-brainer.  I recently tried the D800/600, as I was thinking of upgrading.  After a week I sent them both back.  No way they stacked up (as an all round camera), to my D700.

Sorry to say but claiming D700 to be a better camera than D800 or even D600 sounds quite over enthusiastic to me . I owned D3 and D700 since day one of their release, but D800 simply blows them both away.
D700 was a very nice camera back in 2008, but for various reasons it is outdated to me. Cripled live view being one of them, no movie mode as another one, and there is more... Also D7000 live view is a century ahead of D700...

I also had D7000 next to my D700 and at base iso D7000 has better IQ than D700, but from iso 320 upwards D700 is better and the difference becomes bigger while going into higher isos. D700 iso 3200 looks like D7000 iso 800.


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