I'm going to ignore all the D600 Complaints and buy one

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Re: I'm going to ignore all the D600 Complaints and buy one

Fogsville wrote:

jY h wrote:

Fogsville wrote:

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  And I mean that in a sincere and positive way.

No, I'm not ignorant in the matter.  I'm well aware that the D600 has had issues. I just choose to deal with it "IF" I get one that requires more frequent cleaning.

Sorry, I think you might have misunderstood.  I wasn't being literal and not implying any ignorance. It's simply an old adage. If we don't think about the negative, then we're not allowing ourselves to be affected by it.  If I'm 'ignorant' of failures, then they might very well never affect me. I think that's why some people take risks and succeed when others don't.  They don't think of the negative side of the equation.

So if we just put this issue out of mind, then perhaps the camera can be enjoyed a lot more and without anxiety. Anxiety is bad for humans.

btw, I once had a car that supposedly had a defect.  I never knew about it until years later and long after I sold it.  My ownership was quite blissful and without any of the angst suffered by others who knew about it.

Yup, I mistook your statement.  I can see what you mean now.  Thanks for the reply.

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