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Re: Panini projection?

Thanks for all the good feedback so far.


Sorry that I did not mention Hugin in the first post, could have avoided some question marks...

To say it clear: yes I use Hugin. I used it for traditional panoramas from time to time and at that time I was wondering how to stitch a single fisheye image (as the wizard buttons are disabled in single file mode, nothing to stitch actually).

When I got the fisheye I looked closer and discovered that I have to ignore the wizard, select the projection and go to the last tab to start the job.

Also the OpenGL "fast preview" is very useful.

  • Not only can I change the projection and compare it "live".
  • I discovered that I can go to the "move/Drag" tab and move the horizon line as needed. This way there is no need any more to get the horizon into the middle of my photos. I can adjust the tilt effect and bending lines in PP!!

Non-Hugin options:

Good idea to fake the focal length to get different results, I will surely try this.

Sad to hear that fisheyeHemi is a PS plugin only, as I work with LR most of the time.

A defish plugin for LR would be a very nice thing.


I agree that the projection type depends. Architecture might look best with rectilinear, nature can be fun with fisheye. Panorama often looks good with Panini ...


I struggle with DXOs pixelmania and with their mFT rating. While I like to read their measurements, I can not understand why the mFT rating is this bad. If I compare my photos with the photos of my friends FF cam, I don't see why my photos are only half as good. Sorry if my post seems to support this strange rating ...

What I meant is:

  • If I use rectilinear projection the borders are stretched very badly and I might have to crop 50%, going from 16MP to 4MP.
  • While Panini and similar are much more fish-friendly and I can easily keep about 80% of the width, resulting in 10MP of used pixels. Used pixels, not DXO whatever.

So thanks for the feedback so far, hope even more ideas will come from you ...


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