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I've got a number of sunset shots with saturated oranges that I've processed with both sRGB and Adobe RGB, and the differences are quite noticeable from my Canon PixmaPro 9000 II (particularly when using Red River papers).  The sRGB results are dull and disappointing.

Is there any advantage for skintones (black, brown, white/ pink and yellowish) using larger than sRGB color spaces? Or sRGB is sufficient for skin tones?

sRGB is fine for skin tones; they fall within the gamut.

Indeed, sRGB may be preferable if you're working with 8-bit files. Because sRGB is a narrower space than Adobe RGB, but uses the same number of values (256) for each part of the RGB triple, the "distance" between colors is smaller with sRGB and so you can get a finer color gradation.  However, if you're working with 16-bit files, this is a non-issue.

...this is something I've always wondered about.  Whenever you expand the range of colors, you necessarily decrease the distance between colors, for a given bit depth.  So, the question, then, is when the range of colors matters more than the gradations of color, and vice-versa, as a function of existing colorspaces.

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