16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: GF-3 / OM-D Shoot-out

Najinsky wrote:

Now it was OM-Ds turn to have the additional recovery process as well. Wavy lines mostly recovered but vertical lines in parasol now lost on the OM-D too. Wavy lines on the GF-3 shot now lost too, although when you know they are there you can get a hint of them in the grain.

So it seems pretty clear the OM-D keeps a clear lead up to F16. At F22 some of the lead has been erroded by diffraction but is still picking up more detail.

At least, that's how I read it, what's your take?

I think you are spot on, and thanks for this nice comparison, better to show than to argue endlessly...:-) of course the PL45/2.8 is a pretty sharp lens, I guess with something like the 14-42 the results would not have been as clear cut, so I wonder when we will get the first 24mP m43 sensors to take full advantage of all these great new lenses coming our way?


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