Pentax news from a dealer

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Re: Pentax news from a dealer

Cosmo Not wrote:

On the other hand, I've read many threads saying the same thing, one where they claimed a "new technology" in developement? Even the rumors/news from before I decided to buy Pentax is consistent. I think it's legit, and if I am correct then the prople buying D600s are going to kick themselves in 2014.

I think Pentax have it in them to pull out something pretty big.  Even the lowly K-30 is almost as good as FF - just look at the DPR RAW comparisons.  After the K10 bad pattern noise had to be addressed they definitely learned a trick or two that Canon and Nikon haven't (yet) which then  enabled the fine K-5/K5-2/K-30 high ISO performance.  If they have any other tricks up their sleeve they'll walk the FF scene body-wise.  It will all come down to lenses if they are to make inroads sales-wise.

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