Are you buying a camera or a sensor? G6+GH3

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Re: Are you buying a camera or a sensor? G6+GH3

It depends.

When I bought my DSLR, I bought it for it's sensor (the Sony sensor in that generation was the top of the line).  However I also bought it because it had an affordable "fast, normal" lens.  And it was affordable at the time.

When I was pondering coming back to m43, I went with m43 over NEX (which has the same sensor in my DSLR) due to the lens lineup in m43.  I could get (and now have) a "fast, normal" lens for m43.

In the Panasonic / Olympus debate, I went with the Panasonic as I wanted the Pancake zoom and I wanted affordability   I picked the model with the inferior sensor.  But it is a fine camera.  Sometimes I pine for a better sensor in it, but I like this little guy and the images it takes.

So sensors are important, but there are other considerations.

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