Is there a reason lenses split 18-55mm and 55-200mm?

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Tele lenses and wideangle lenses are opposite constructions

Wideangle lenses are usually of retrofocus design, i.e. a "telelens facing the wrong direction". This is because otherwise there's not enough room for a mirror.

Obviously, it's very difficult to make a lens that faces both in the right and the wrong direction using a single bayonet, but by splitting the focal range in two, things become a lot easier.

Also, the position of the diaphragm determines whether distortion is barrel or pincushion shaped. Only if the diaphragm is at the optical centre will distortion be nil. On a zoom it is impossible to have no distortion - except, possibly, at one focal length - and the wider the zoom range, the greater the distortion. This is evidenced by the distortion figures for super zooms.

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