Focus Peaking. FOCUS PEAKING!!

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Re: Focus Peaking. FOCUS PEAKING!!

s_grins wrote:

It took  3 years from Oly to make first camera with with EVF, namely E-M5, and today pocketabilty guys are almost invisible.

We're not invisible; we just don't make as much noise.  You don't hear a lot of noise from the pocketablity folks as Olympus makes perfectly fine pocketable cameras.  The E-PL5 can work for those who don't want the bulk of the E-M5.  On the Panny side, the GX1 is (mostly) an alternative to someone who thinks the G6 is a bloated cow.  And those "pocketable" people are all drooling with anticipation at the E-P5.  Even I who generally don't like "retro" cameras am interested.  It'll probably be too much money for me though.

Olympus folks will still make noise about focus peaking as some of them want it, and they want it in an Olympus body.  They don't want it in a Panasonic body with a lower performing sensor; they don't want it in a NEX that needs all new lenses.  They just want to be heard so that whenever Olympus does an iteration of the camera, it includes this feature.

Different people want different things.  Focus peaking in a G6 isn't a solution to everyone and that's perfectly fine.  Let people pine for what they want.  They need to know they might never get it (my GX2 with Sony uber-sensor is probably not coming), but I think Olympus could implement Focus Peaking and the folks interested in that are going to keep pushing the issue.

For what it's worth, I'm not terribly interested in focus peaking on m43 at this point, but I don't have manual focus lenses.  Now on my DSLR, that would be another story.  Focusing the Rokinon 8mm is tough!

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