Pentax news from a dealer

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Re: Pentax news from a dealer

I dont think middle ground meant their niche, I think it refers ro their market share. In otherwords they plan to surpass all the other small players, all but canikon. They also stated recently a 5 year plan to reach 3rd in the market, it was on a recent thread here. As for the rumors, I am optimistic. I am new to pentax but I find it hard to believe a long standing company would throw away all that history by lying. Photogs are fickle, if you turn on us we will bite you back. A smart company should know if you lie about things it will generate interest today but frustrate us tomorrow. I find it hard to believe they are that desperate, especially with Ricoh's money. On the other hand, I've read many threads saying the same thing, one where they claimed a "new technology" in developement? Even the rumors/news from before I decided to buy Pentax is consistent. I think it's legit, and if I am correct then the prople buying D600s are going to kick themselves in 2014.

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