Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

killingbuddha wrote:

I didn't know that there was a criteria set for this photo. It must be a continuation from another thread so I apologize for that.

I see the issues with the Canon sensors and shadow lifting, I just deal with it. My type of photography has me blowing out highlights all the time to properly expose for faces...in high contrast sports shooting. If I was shooting landscapes and architecture, then I guess I would be more bothered.

My only point was that for the example you posted, I cannot imagine anyone caring that detail in a light bulb is gone but I can imagine that a viewer would want the detail in the shadows. Knowing that beforehand would have me exposing farther to the right.

All the best to you and yours. Not looking for a fight

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in the first post by me here

This is inside a church and the light in the roof is the the high light, 5dmk3 and d800 are exposed identically time, f-stop  so there will be reproduction of the high light with out any clipping when the high light is adjusted the same in camera raw .

Then the rest of the picture are handle in the same way regarding middle tones and down in to shadows .The results in noise and details   is shown here.  100iso 1/80 sec F1,4  canon 35/1,4 and Sigma 35/1,4

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