WARNING!!! 5D MK III Firmware 1.2.1 Read before installing!

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Re: 5D MK III Firmware 1.2.1 is ok

DigiMatt wrote:

I have installed 5D MK III Firmware 1.2.1 and this is not something I would normally do but here were my reasons:

1. It came from Canon and I got it directly from the original person whoose camera had been serviced by Canon.

2. 7 month wait

3. many, many reports of successful installs on the various photo and video forums.

4. I had the MD5 sum of the firmware file to check my copy to insure it wasn't corrupted.

I have a 3rd party battery (Photive brand from Amazon) that still works but now gives me the warning message. Its not that big of a deal because this battery never did act right in my 5D3. Prior to 1.2.1 this battery would often make the battery level indicator blink rapidly and the battery level would erroneously report 100%. After the camera self power off and a restart or taking a picture this battery would act normal most of the time.

So... I don't blame Canon for making the firmware report flakey battery operations. THIS move will probably force 3rd party battery manufacturers to produce better quality and properly reporting batteries.

You want to be mad at Canon and rage for awhile, well go ahead. I'll be enjoying the best camera I have ever owned that is now even better after this firmware update.

Wel said. And I agree, it is up to the third party manufacturers to make good quality batteries not for Canon to ignore these problems. In the past I have seen third party batteries expand in use damaging the camera. I have also tested a battery a friend got for his camera after he reported trouble with it and I discovered the voltage was 20% above what it should have been. So IMHO Canon are right to give warnings when things are not correct.

At least they are letting users use third party batteries. In other electronics industries things are more complicated. For instance one printer manufacturer regien codes it printers. So for instance, you cannot buy a toner cart from the US for use in a UK machine even if the toner cart was made by the OEM.

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