Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

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Re: Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

Glad to hear your camera is fixed without breaking the bank.

I don't mean to change the course of this thread, but this may be interesting nonetheless....

The cameras of today, with all the sophistication, reliance on electronics, etc, and the relatively low prices compared to years past and you drop situation reminds me of my experience dropping a camera.  It was about 30-35 years ago.  The camera was a 35mm Nikormat ELW.  All metal body, had a 50mm lens attached, and not in any kind of case.  It was sitting in the backseat of my car, and when I reached in to get my child out of his car seat, I managed to catch my finger on the camera strap.  Picked the kiddo out of the car, bringing the camera with me.  The camera went done on the concrete driveway from about 3 feet, rolled about 20 feet down the driveway end over end, and came to rest against the garage door.

The only damage was only , remarkably, a scratch on the back door of the body, and a small dink in the edge of the front of the lens.  Didn't even affect screwing on a filter!  that camera worked perfectly for the next 25 years.

I can't imagine any camera of today surviving that kind of disaster intact.  Not that i want to give up any of the bells and whistles of today's wonder machines.  I have an SX40 and a 60D, and dread the day I ever drop either of them.

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