Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Only 35 posts to go before this thread is locked - yaaay!

Mikael Risedal wrote:

meland wrote:

But, wait a minute......  Oh no!  Mikael will then just start another one.

don't you find it interesting?

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No, I don't find it interesting.  A year ago when you started bringing it up I might have done. But now, yes I think we all know that Canon could perhaps improve in this particular area of sensor design but railing against the moon isn't going to make it happen any faster than Canon themselves are planning.

I fear you have no interest in showing how well the equipment can perform, only in going out of your way to try and prove how bad you think it is.  And that is not only boring but frankly Mikael, if I may say so, it is stupid.

One can only assume by your compulsive and repetitive behaviour that either a client has severely criticised your work or perhaps someone at Canon Svenska has suggested to you that you 'go forth and multiply'.

Either way perhaps someone should suggest that perhaps there might be a less stressful pastime out there that is better suited to your particular needs. OK I will.

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