Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Hands up, those that did not know that?

Mike CH wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Some people make excuses that ,you just need to meter correctly, or you just need to use filters...but the fact remains that Canon has work to do.

Yes, if you haven't been living at the back of the beyonds for the last year, you know that.

Now, the price question, do we really need a thread a week on the topic?

I wonder if when Canon (as they inevitably will) brings out a new sensor that catches up and likely bests the Nikon / Sony sensor, will the Nikon forum suddenly be filled with all the angst and anguish of people wailing that Nikon has fallen behind, is obsolete, cannot possibly meet their needs, and that they are planning to sell their Nikon stuff if a new sensor doesn't come out in the next few months?

For most of us the current sensor is doing a very good job, and there is something to be said also for having a camera that works properly and isn't suffering a long bout of teething pains. What good is a super sensor spattered with oil, or mounted in a camera that's being sent for warranty repairs?

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