D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: Get the D7100

If one writes to a Pentax forum, it is sure thing that the majority of answers will support Pentax. That doesn't make them right or wrong but it presents one side of a picture.

I have no doubt that in due course, Pentax will release a higher resolution camera and then there will be a low shift towards saying it is better than the K5.

So which one is better? Depends on your purpose - the extra resolution of the Nikon7100 will give you extra cropping factor for enlargements but that self same extra resolution makes bigger demands on lens resolving power than does the lower 16mp sensor in the K5 and D7000.

Which might be why some folk think that their 16mp images are sharper than the 22mp images.

Right now 16mp exceeds most daily photography requirements and since the Pentax has better ergonomics and menu system and dust sealing than Nikons, as well as some other features such as SR, it is the nicer camera to use excepting if you are strongly into flash photography, in which case save yourself heartache and buy the Nikon. Either way, you'll get great images and I suspect better resale value on the Nikon than on the Pentax.

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