Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Hands up, those that did not know that?

Mike CH wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Some people make excuses that ,you just need to meter correctly, or you just need to use filters...but the fact remains that Canon has work to do.

Yes, if you haven't been living at the back of the beyonds for the last year, you know that.

Now, the price question, do we really need a thread a week on the topic?

Regards, Mike

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Wait and see...

well for how long time shall we wait for a Canon where I can use shorter exposure, get the same DR as in a Nikon, Sony or a Pentax?

Why must I chose with a canon to either expose the camera longer time to get down the noise in shadows and lose high lights information or expose after the high lights and get a lot if noise/banding  in the lower levels, shadows?????

It is time for Canon to wake up, they are left behind for every new generation sensors which for example Toshiba /Nikon shows with their new APS sensor, it will soon be 58Mp in a 24x36mm sensor with the highest QE, DR  and resolution

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