16MP sensor improvements?

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jim stirling
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Re: Rather significant, actually, although YMMV applies

jim stirling wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Right. So why don't we continue exactly where we left off three months ago so that we don't have to repeat ourselves. Here's what I said in my latest reply to which you have yet to respond:

Anders, you can quote all the abstract tests you want I am simply asking you to download a couple of images and process them to their best , your download , your processing. I think we both know why you will not be doing it.It is not possible to sharpen the E-M5 images anymore to squeeze out detail without impacting the noise levels, and conversely while you can make the images less noisy it is always at the expense of detail. The only reason I have not replied is that I missed the post. I am not here that often now.

It is the simplest thing in the world to categorically prove me wrong by showing me any two images comparisons from these cameras { fairly processed which I know you would do } at 2 stops apart where once processed the E-M5 has more detail and less noise. Of course the problem with that is you cant do it

I guess your stringent scientific approach doesn't stretch to experiments :-). Much easier to quote data sources none of which are impeccable and some of which are contradictory rather than simply process the images and look at them. The facts are that due to the extra detail { which I assume you do not dispute} it is a one click adjustment to to provide an image from the D800 at two stops higher that will have more detail and at worst the same degree of noise, giving the D800  a 2 stop detail/DR advantage  at base ISO along with an at worst same noise more detail file at 2 stops apart.

While not one of the test sites has 100% controlled lighting , Focus Numerique has by far the most consistent exposure settings between cameras. I chose an image with a good combination of details and textures.I used the RAW files,I used a central area of the image to reduce the impact of different lenses ,I processed all the images to achieve the best balance between detail and noise and I posted the results here at 100% crops. I provided links to the actual RAW files so that you or anyone else can give the images their best shot and post  the resulting images.


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