Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

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Re: Why Canon need a new sensor with low read out noise

Mikael Risedal wrote:

A digital sensor/camera  with great DR means also exposure freedom.

This is inside a church and the light in the roof is the the high light, 5dmk3 and d800 are exposed identically time, f-stop  so there will be reproduction of the high light with out any clipping when the high light is adjusted the same in camera raw .

Then the rest of the picture are handle in the same way regarding middle tones and down in to shadows .The results in noise and details   is shown here.  100iso 1/80 sec F1,4  canon 35/1,4 and Sigma 35/1,4

IMHO this shot was grossly underexposed. You could have exposed 2 stops brighter or more and not had to deal with the shadows as much. You should exposed much farther to the right. You would have blown highlights that are unrecoverable in the actual lights but it wouldn't matter. They are lights after all and many stops brighter than shadowed areas so far away from them (inverse square law...)

In my experience, Canon can recover highlights quite nicely (not these lights but who cares...nothing of interest in a bulb) but struggles with shadows. Knowing that lets you shoot to best accommodate your tool in hand.

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