Office printer: laser or inkjet AIO, help please – what options?

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Re: Just set it up

jcampy wrote:

I came to this thread a little late but I fix laser printers and can't imagine and inkjet printer being less trouble free than laser if high volume printing is needed. I admit I don't know much about the printer you purchased

It is designed for high volume

but if it's like all the other inkjet printers won't it have to do a head cleaning before it actually prints? I can't imagine waiting for this to happen if printing a report or letter that needs to be passed on.

Not so far. And my Epson 3880, for example, has never needed a head cleaning cycle except when switching blacks. It has 6 picolitre nozzles, so much larger than a fine art printer.

Maybe I am just old school but being a service center for Canon and Brother I see the technician fighting to get the covers off the inkjet printers just to look inside to see what's happening while the lasers are much less complicated which in turn means less downtime when something does go wrong. Just clearing a paper jam in inkjet can be problematic for the average user.

Well, that is why I got a three year warranty. But so far, and it is still early days, everything has gone fine.

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