Need your Opinion, d700 trade

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Re: Need your Opinion, d700 trade

Oh Boy - this is a no-brainer.  I recently tried the D800/600, as I was thinking of upgrading.  After a week I sent them both back.  No way they stacked up (as an all round camera), to my D700.  After lots of testing and comparing, I even sold my beautiful mint D3x about two weeks ago.  After using so many different cameras, over so long and trying all the new offerings - the D700 is the hands down winner. I will happily use this camera for the next however many years.

It is your decision, but I feel that you are not so captivated by the image quality of the D7000, but you are more worried about keeping up with the changes and the latest whiz-bang gizmo.  Don't be worried that the D700 is 5 years old or whatever.  I am going to happily pass this recent incarnation (D600/800/4), and wait the next 4 years or whatever and see what they can come up with.  I am still stunned by the images that it produces, and for my travels/website/style of photography, the D700 is the very best for what I do, and 12mp is plenty.

Until then, I am still going to be blasting out great images from my D700.


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