Need your Opinion, d700 trade

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Re: Need your Opinion, d700 trade

jr0066 wrote:

Someone has offer to trade my d700 body for a d7000 with a Nikon 18-200mm Vr II lens. My d700 has approximately 19k click his d7000 about 9k. Would that be a good move value wise?, does anyone in the forum owns both? Also which one would give me the IQ? Thanks in advance.

I own both.  I bought a used D700 recently after owning a D7000 for a couple of years.  At base ISO, I don't notice any difference in IQ.  The D7000 claims a higher dynamic range, and I suspect that if I did a controlled test, I might notice that.  What I do notice is the much better IQ of the D700 at high ISO.

The resolution (12MP vs. 16MP) isn't that big of a deal to me.

The U1 and U2 settings on the D7000 are great!  I miss them when shooting with the D700.  Overall, I prefer the controls and setting options of the D7000 to the D700, but they may have more to do with my longer experience with the D7000 than anything.

I never had any autofocus problems with my D7000; however, the autofocus system on the D700 is obviously better.

I have not ever owned the 18-200mm VR lens.

The proposed trade seems fairly even.  It really boils down to what your needs are.  If you're looking to lighten your load and simplify your system, then the trade might be a good deal.  However, as others have already pointed out, the D700 is obviously a better camera body than the D7000.

If I were limited to only one body, go with the D700 at this point.


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