Focus Peaking. FOCUS PEAKING!!

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Focus Peaking. FOCUS PEAKING!!

Ok, so I've had a little time now to scan this forum and I'm shaking my head in disbelief, LOL.

Over the last months, I kept reading how people were so disgruntled that Sony etc had focus peaking and MFT didn't, and people were buying NEX cameras because of this, it was so important  bla bla.

Then there was a rumour that Oly were going to add it to the EM5. people were going ape over just a RUMOUR!! (not that it was very likely to happen .. Oly don't tend to to things like that - they just bring out a new model and make you buy that one).

So here we find ourselves with a MFT camera where the specs seem to indicate that finally, there is a proper focus peaking mode implemented. And the silence is deafening.

Sure, there are some people mentioning it briefly in amongst the threads about the G6, but its nothing compared to what one would expect given as to how important it was made out to be previously. Just bizarre.

I have this suspicion that if Oly were to have brought out a camera with FP, then there would be people shouting from the rooftops and declaring we should have a day of world celebration permanently associated to the release date or something. But its been done on a lowly panasonic Gx camera instead, so somehow ... its not the same is it ?

I do find it fascinating. A similar general apathy was associated with many previous G series cameras. Its interesting to ponder why. Personally, I don't think its justified as the 'humble' G series have all been excellent cameras, but there you go. I'm sure there is a case study for future business studies students in there somewhere ..... or would it be human psychology ? hmmm ......


Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6
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