Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Flash subsystem....are we overlooking the 'obvious'??

A thought just sneaked in and it's perhaps what has Pentax China's wet knickers is not the camera, it might just be another APS-C but rather could be finally be seeing a modern flash system introduced? We all know this is one area where Pentax lags significantly.

I would love to see such a system introduced with whatever the new body might be. Also a highly rated flash system would likely motivate a large number of body upgrades out in the ether, especially among those who have seen no reason to upgrade their K20D. Plus as a great gesture they could issue firmware updates to the K5 era bodies forward to let those bodies make use of a new flash system. I see that as not unreasonable to hope.

A new and well regard flash subsystem also might remove a big reason a lot of new DSLR, or someone looking to change systems, go with other brands. Maybe? Might be good for 645 shooters as well. But most studio shooters are using more traditional studio lighting rather than external flash solutions. But out in the real world flashes are great tools but ya need a solid way to control it remotely.

I doubt anything Pentax issues would be Nikon level but if they can manage to reach Canon's level here that would be wonderful for sure. At least to is the only thing I miss from shooting Canon. Their flashes are marvelous.

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