Fisheye defishing and comparing

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Re: Panini projection?

eques wrote:

How do you do the Panini projection? This looks extremely good and IQ is nearly as good as in stitched picture.

I believe the Fisheye Hemi uses a form of the Panini projection or sth similar.

Hugin produces great results and is very capable but I'd pay for sth that would do this stuff directly in LR (a good interface is needed that's all). FH unfortunately PS plugin only, and the company doesn't seem much alive.

There is a dos batch script for batch defishing with same parameters with Hugin (nona, actually) floating around the forums. The problem is that one projection mostly doesn't fit all images - some look best fishy, many are fine with Panini, for all straight lines rectilinear is best, many are crap with any You don't see the defished preview while composing, that's surely one problem.

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