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dgehrke wrote:

Please excuse my naivete in asking this question but is it solely a marketing ploy for Canon to announce new lenses (taking months and/or years to make it into the hands of consumers), thereby, getting purchasing commitments from interested buyers and keeping them from jumping ship to the competition or are there other forces at work here which I haven't considered, i.e., manufacturing issues, etc? I often wonder if some announced products even exist.

Any reputable company, including Canon, has to weigh up the possible value of a 'spoiling tactic' (such as announcing a product early in order to block competitor sales) against antagonising customers, and of course retailers, when a product is announced and yet does not become available for a long time.  I can tell you that the dissatisfaction of photo dealers is very strong when such a spoiling tactic potentially stops them being able to sell anything and Canon certainly does not want to create a negative feeling from their distributors.

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