EX2 for $150

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Re: EX2 for $150

It probably just is not fashionable or even thought about. It will be rarely mentioned as a choice in the other forums. The LX7 has also been heavily discounted in the US also to be fair.

It is a pretty good camera. Its main fault is that the ISO caps at 400 in PASM and 800 in smart mode and 800 in Smart mode and it will underexpose drastically rather than break this barrier. Left on smart mode it works very well but has a reasonable control and has good external controls but the reviewers can miss some functions as they are different.

The problem with these massive price reductions is they can leave a very sour taste in the mouths of those who have bought the camera at full or even discount prices. I bought mine at £259 in a brief week when the price dropped from I think £360 but it is now £239 on Amazon so it looks like a general price drop and of course £x >= $y in the land of cameras in opposition to the actual exchange rate. I note the NX1000 is now £270 and the Galaxy offer is now going as a bundle for £350.

I think the problem with Samsung they market and support all their cameras as if they are cheap and cheerful compacts and just do not have the wherewithal to interact with the more serious camera community. The fact that the lens software is still buried in the NX10 support page speaks volumes. Also they are making massive amounts of money and destroying Apple so it is probably no real worry to them.

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

what is wrong with it? any design flaws - weaknesses? Price cuts occur when something ain't selling well don't they?

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