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Re: PC won't shut down

Clueless Wanderer wrote:   I dont know which I dislike the most: Norton or vista.. Get rid of both. Windows 7 is awesome and I havn't used antivirus software in years. Norton is like a club foot to the computer, slowing it down.
Get win 7 make an image backup and do 'Altered files' back up to a hard drive after every session, it takes minutes to perform. I use 'free file sync'. Im sure a few mins a day of backing up is faster than working on a machine that is slowed down with Norton. If you really want an anti Virus program, Mcafee seems to be more efficiant with your system resources..

Several free AV programmes are vastly superior without the system clogging if either Norton or McAfee or for that matter, Trend Micro either are installed.   All awful system grabbers.  Avira or Avast should be the best choices without being invasive and ideally coupled to the free IOBIT Malware offering.  However, most such problems come from Windoze updates - some actually failing to complete - hence the system hanging as described.  Certainly, Vista is not exactly liked much.  All Windoze versions have their little (or large) problems but generally, one has to say Windoze is still the best OS for any PC.  Win 7 is very much faster than XP, even though that was far better than Vista.  it also, Win7 that is, opens and shuts down considerably faster.  Win7's main annoyance was giving the full rights to "System" instead of to the Administrator - necessitating some changing to settings Permissions - a PITA when it rears its ugly head.  Have no idea what idjit thought that idea up.

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