I'm going to ignore all the D600 Complaints and buy one

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Re: An interesting observation!

Fogsville wrote

I never knew about it until years later and long after I sold it.  My ownership was quite blissful and without any of the angst suffered by others who knew about it.

This is an interesting observation.

Some seem to think owning a D600 makes them immune from sometimes needing to use an in camera sensor clean or a blower brush - even though the instruction book for the D4, D800, D600, D7100 and every other DSLR Nikon make confirms some sensor cleaning is occasionally needed.

I occasionally get dust spots using my D800. Does that mean nobody should buy one until everybody, including those do do not own one, say the D800 does not have dust?

There is the "official" Nikon D600 line to try an in camera sensor clean or blower brush before hollering, and that on rare occasions (Nikon's words) if this "common sense" action does not work send the camera in.

Some posters seem to think enlarging 24 MP to 400% (more magnification than some microscopes) and dramatically increasing contrast is photographic reality

Ignoring the 400% viewing, increasing contrast a lot has a place in specialist photographic situations such as dark field microscope illumination, but too much image contrast in most everyday photography can quickly become an image disaster.

Some "heretics" (like you!) seem relatively unpopular because they imply if an image looks good without obvious defects - it is good

Back to your car - does your experience mean nobody should buy a second hand one until everyone on this forum agrees it is OK?

In 45 years using film cameras I had to clean dust from the film chamber reasonably frequently to avoid dust spots. Maybe some are suggesting no-one should use film until everyone on this forum says film chambers cannot get dust inside!

My understanding is USA is the same as UK. If you buy a product with a fault (as distinct from changing your mind) you are entitled to a refund or replacement from the retailer without a restocking fee.

I find it interesting several posters seem oblivious to their basic legal rights, and holler like a baby who has thrown it's rattle out of the pram when they are old enough to get an exchange or replacement in under a week - always assuming they know how to use a rocket blower in the first place.

If you buy a good D600 enjoy it. If you buy one with a dust problem (which Nikon say is rare) exchange it or get your money back.

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