Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Re: Fuji Prices Are Too High.

I just bought an X-Pro1 with the 35/1.4. My pusher had the body and lens as a package for what I thought was a fair enough price. Life is too short to worry about if the thing was a little too expensive or not. I wanted it enough at the price that was asked that I decided to buy it. If you think the price is too high, don't buy it. At some point, it will be superseded, and the price will inevitably drop, as it will then be yesterdays news.

I'm sure you will get your wish eventually, and you will be able to buy an X-Pro1 for a grand. Meanwhile, those of us who own it now are enjoying it now.

As an aside, I have yet to have a beef with the auto focus. Perhaps because I didn't know the AF didn't work, I haven't found out that it doesn't work.

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