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Re: red and green

Individually they're not bad, but as you said, "nothing special".  I like effect of the red reflection in the water.  However, I think they work much better as a set.  When I look at the smaller versions which allows me to see both of them on my screen at the same time, I see something different.  Imagine a collection of 4 to 8 of these framed and hanging on a wall.  When you view the group from a distance, you see abstract patterns of color on B&W backgrounds.  At a middle range, you see an entire coastal scene broken up into pieces.  When you get close, you see interesting nautical details highlighted in different colors.

Your "nothing special" could be something special with a little more work.  If you work on it more, I recommend keeping a common element, like the horizon line of the water, the same in each photo.


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