SEL20F28 impresses and puzzles at the same time

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Re: SEL20 vs SEL35 Sharpness

Echoing Kiichiro, many thanks to everyone on this thread for sharing your knowledge and experience re: the NEX lens line and the SEL20.  Based to a great extent on this forum thread, I recently returned an SEL16F28 lens that seemed to show the "softness" reported widely here (could be my own fault), and exchanged it for the SEL20F28. So far, I'm very glad to have made the switch - the less extreme focal length seems much better suited for photographing people, especially near the edges of the frame, and I subjectively find my copy of the SEL20 sharper than the copy I had of the SEL16.

For Jarola, I include an auto-corrected JPEG I recently took with the SEL20 from close to the minimum focusing distance of the lens.  Sorry, no structured test at different f-stops.

SEL20F28 @ f8.0, 1/160 sec, ISO 200, auto-corrected JPEG on NEX-5R

This is currently my only lens for a recently acquired NEX-5R, which was an upgrade from a Canon G12, preceded by several generations of cheap Canon Elphs, and way back when, an old Minolta 35mm SLR with 28, 50 and 100mm Rokkor primes. This NEX-5R/SEL20 combo has rekindled my love for photography. I hope to add one more NEX e-mount lens to complete a basic highly portable kit for general photography and video, mostly motivated by recently becoming a father. Debating between the SEL35F18, the SEL50F18, and the SEL1650PZ.  Opinions on pros/cons appreciated.

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