Panasonic Lumix G6, I am in love with this camera.

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Re: In love with THIS camera??

jlynchtx wrote:

I don't understand why some are so down on the looks of this camera. I think it looks great! I have the G5 and I really like it. But it seems like they just tweaked it and added a bunch of features to make it even betterI I like the grip and size of the G5, but I always thought if it had just a slight better grip it would be even better. It seems they did that with the G6.  In looking at videos of the G6, it looks just perfect.

I guess I am "slightly" disappointed that it doesn't have the GH3 sensor, but I love all the other features and I like the price compared to the GH3. I guess if I wanted the best sensors I would get the olympus cameras or the GH3, but I think this camera fits my needs the best as far as size, grip, features, and price.

I agree in that I find the features and apparent ergonomics of the camera very appealing.  It checked every box on my wish list for improvements to the G5 (among those, wireless flash control), other than the sensor.  The likely lack of IQ improvement over the G5 is quite disappointing to me though.  That said, if I had to buy a new camera, I likely wouldn't consider anything other than the G6.  For me, it's the most appealing MFT camera-to-date, but I wish it had a better sensor.

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