"Equivalence" demonstrated: Canon 5D and Panasonic GX1

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Re: not too "bright"

tko wrote:

Use a cell phone. Take the same photo. Other than slight differences in the magnification of the two lenses, WB, and the obvious DOF difference, the exposures are equivalent. They are the same. When I print both photos on 4x6, they look the same.

Any two systems, printed at a small enough size, under benign conditions, will look similar. So, the exposure in a cell phone is the same as in large format. Agree? Then what's your point? That we should all buy cell phones instead of large format?

What's your conclusion? That the Hubble telescope is equal to a backyard Astronomer's instrument? That all formats generate the same image? That a lens the size of a thimble has the same quality as one the size of a peanut butter jar, just because it has the same EXPOSURE?

Equivalence isn't about exposure. Everyone knows any sensor with the same exposure values has the same BRIGHTNESS. That is the purpose of exposure - to give the same brightness for any camera. The sole reason for it's existence.

Equivalence is about about all those differences you ignore. Noise, DOF, and sharpness. EXPOSURE has nothing to do with image QUALITY!

Equivalence is exploring the impact of sensor size on IQ when the exposure is kept the same.

If I may presume, the last sentence should read:

Equivalence is exploring the impact of sensor size on IQ when the total light is kept the same.

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