Canon 5D mark III in street photography

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5D mark III wins with 41 cross-type AF sensors

(sound like the responses thus far - other than Brad- are from people who have not owned both of these cameras.)

The 5D2 has well documented focusing issues, there are *hundreds* of articles all over the web detailing the problems people have with the outer AF points. Here is one I wrote myself:

I have personally owned 4 different 5D2 bodies.

I now have a 5D3, and the focus is superb - WAY BETTER than the 5D2. 5D3 has 41 (!) cross-type sensors, spread across the focusing area. I have the camera set to only use the cross-type points, and even in the dark (too dark to manually focus) it nails the focus every time.

Also, it has a fantastic silent shutter mode, which should help on the street. I have taken photos literally within a foot of someone and hey had no idea I was shooting.

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