Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Hen3ry wrote:

As for Zen's silly statement about the only people complaining about the weight of the FF systems -- I was one of the earliest into the Olympus OM system back in he day, moving down from the Mamiya twin lens 6x6 system.

One of the big reasons for choosing the OM1 and its lenses was lightness and portability. Back then, Nikon and Canon users., startled by the smallness and lightness of the Oly OMs, sneered at them.

They had to sneer on the other side of their faces when Nikon and Canon scrambled to follow suit, downsizing their cameras to smaller, lighter, sleeker packages.

There's no percentage in weight and bloat -- and that's what too many DSLRs sugger from.

Indeed. My story of entry into the OM fold was based on both size and ability; after being pitched to switch to either Canon and Nikon from my current system and not liking either:

- Canon has no OTF flash and large bodies with unusual ergonomics (if only someone had shown me a New F1 earlier! :p),  The AE1 Program seemed old fashioned and the A1 seemed glitzy yet old as well.

- Nikon had OTF flash but the camera choices left me cold.  The FE2 was the most desirable camera of the collection; the FA's plastic pentaprism casing and Matrix metering did not entice me, the F3 was a behemoth with the motor drive only making things worse and the world's strangest flash shoe that limited cho

The local dealer also has Contax (oooh!).  A BEAUTIFUL system with OUCH! GOUGE! POW! lens pricing.

I was was left to feel alienated.  No system had what I wanted; I stated talking with my co-worker (a fellow photo enthusiast, owner of the Contax RTSII system) about possibly going medium format, since I didn't like anything in 35mm anyway.

Then, the next time I called my dealer to chat him up, he offered "I just got in a new system.  I think it'll hit everything that you just told me that you want.  Olympus OM-4".

Olympus?  Who used Olympus?!

So I quickly researched.  Looked interesting!  The spot meter system?  Brilliant!  Just the level of control I was looking for!  All the control seemed to be user-centric, not "gadget-centric", and they said it was small.

So I traveled down to my dealer and held it for the first time.  It was, simply, love at first touch.  "FINALLY!  A camera that fits ME!" I said.  Bought it and never, ever, doubted I did the right thing.  IRONICALLY...the co-worker with the Contax, several years later after I filled out my system to included the Zuiko 180mm f/2.8 and Zuiko 350mm f/2.8, lamented to me that he wished he has bought an OM system (smaller, more ability and, when I sold the equipment, I got more for it than he got for his initially more expensive Contax system).

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