Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Abrak wrote:

I don't see how the shut-down option is any more or less tedious in the past.

Windows 7: Move mouse to lower left corner of the screen > CLICK the Start Menu > Move mouse to shutdown options > CLICK to shut down OR CLICK drop down menu > CLICK for Restart or Sleep (2 mouse motions, 2-3 clicks)

Windows 8: Move mouse to lower right corner of the screen > Move mouse to Settings charm > CLICK Settings charm > Move mouse to power icon > CLICK power icon > CLICK for Shutdown, Restart, or Sleep  (3 mouse motions, 3 clicks)

Is it really that much more difficult?

Actually it takes precisely 'one-click' to shut down windows 8. All you do is click either the 'shutdown' 'sleep' or 'restart' tiles that you have put on your Windows 8 start menu.

I will be the first to admit that I didnt initially give the 'metro start menu' a chance and installed start 8. Two weeks later start8 is gone as I have found it totally redundent.

The useful links in the start menu from Win 7 I have simply added to the windows metro start menu - control panel, command prompt, shut down, sleep, restart etc all in their own group (It is very simple - create a shortcut on your desktop, right click and pin to start menu. You can effectively add absolutely any link you like as a tile.

I am still slightly underwhelmed with the metro apps but I can see their potential. You can create say a tile for Liverpool FC if you are a supporter that includes latest news in the press, stats etc. I think reading say newspapers will be a lot better with apps.

So I have fully embraced windows 8 and now think it is simply fantastic as well as intuitive.

I would also point out that I have bought the Logitech 'touchpad' which gives you full access to all Windows 8 gestures. I still use a mouse for photoshop and gaming. If I want to use a mouse why not buy a touch mouse? I did - microsoft - but instead of doing both mouse and gestures well it did them both badly. I would definitely look into it rather than buying a desktop touch screen - it makes far more sense.

How do you like the Logitech touchpad?  I've been debating getting one.  It seems to me better peripherals like this is what really gives Windows 8 the chance to shine, and I'm surprised there isn't anything like this coming directly from Microsoft (they are pretty good at keyboards and mice) nor is there much variety from anybody else.

I like it a lot (have been using a week). That is saying something as I basically dont like touchpads and usually pack my mouse with my laptop when I go away. I enabled gestures on my laptop touchpad and find them unusuable - the laptop touchpad is basically too small for gestures.

The product does have a couple of drawbacks which I will come to in a sec. But what's good about it.

First, it essentially does what it says on the box. It performs the gestures you expect it to - it doesnt confuse 2 fingers with one or 2 fingers with 3 and it doesnt miss gestures (95% of the time). It doesnt confuse a 'touch' with a 'click' and it always recognizes a click (both virtually 100% of the time.) This is not my usual experience with touchpads.

Some gestures are useful because they are a pain with a mouse in W8. App switching (big improvement on alt-tab), charms bar access (dont use it a lot), horizantal scrolling/page back/forward, pinch to zoom (although this doesnt work as well as on an ipad). But I am also pleasantly surprised that say vertical scrolling seems to be much better than using the scroll key on a mouse.

Really it makes W8 rather fun to use and you can happily surf around your computer without taking your eye off the screen. The learning process is only about an hour but it does take a few days to familar yourself with the switch from a mouse.

Given that it is such a boon to the W8 desktop experience I agree with you that it is very surprising that there are not competing products. I guess we are all supposed to go out and buy a touchscreen for our desktop but the whole concept has no appeal to me.

As I say it does have its drawbacks - the most important of which I think is this. It cant in my view totally replace a mouse. For editing in LR or Photoshop where precise movement is necessary a mouse is a much preferred tool. And I havent even bothered to try the touchpad for gaming. I am sure that for some people this is a dealbreaker on the basis that they want to use only one point and click device.

The other criticism that I have of the product is that it is mostly non-customizable. Now given how useful all the existing gestures are, I am not 100% sure I would change them but I certainly would like to have the option.

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