Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re: Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

Brian_Smith wrote:

cplunk wrote:

If I were to really let my imagination run wild, I could dream up some conspiracy about Sony intentionally disabling Sigma lenses in firmware.

Of course, this would likely harm Sony sale as well, with users delaying, or refusing to upgrade bodies so they can continue to use there Sigma lenses. So, it's pretty difficult to think that scenario would ever be reality.

Your imagination is working way too hard. Sigma is a third party lens maker. Just like companies that make after-market grips, they operate independently of Sony. There is no Oliver Stone Conspiracy at work. Give Sigma enough credit to know that Sony cameras have built-in steady-shot.

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How else would Sony force Sigma to do anything?

That's the only method I can imagine, and it doesn't seem reasonable. Olives Stone's conspiracies are much more believable.

As I mentioned earlier, it's much easier for me to believe that Sigma's had too much negative feedback due to people using the OS on lens with steady shot turned on. Sure, it will work fine with steady shot disabled, but too many people getting poor results due to not understanding proper use of the product can create enough support issues and bad press that it's probably worth it to just remove that feature.

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