Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re: Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

cplunk wrote:

If I were to really let my imagination run wild, I could dream up some conspiracy about Sony intentionally disabling Sigma lenses in firmware.

Of course, this would likely harm Sony sale as well, with users delaying, or refusing to upgrade bodies so they can continue to use there Sigma lenses. So, it's pretty difficult to think that scenario would ever be reality.

It has been a reality and not only with sony...minolta nikon and canon have found ways throughout the years to hit sigma with compatability issues..

If you look at specific sigma lenses that were having compatability problems with the manufacturers you will find that the best sigma had to offer were generally the ones with 'issues'. Didnt matter if it was a wide angle/fast zoom ect. this is the thread.***

I have a sigma 75-200(3) actually. Built around 1987 listed as as the zoom delta, when minolta had their 70-200apo g  the 70-210f4 'beercan' and the 100 2.8 macro,  this lens  probably outperformed/compared favorably with every single one of them .  As for not 'keeping up' with tech , now they af with a77 and a65's and probably the a99 .    Its not hard to realize why really, conspiracy theory?.. i think its just been buisness....brian

(these were all open manual focus with this 'incompatable sigma' built in 1987-1989)

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