Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f2.4 + NEX 7

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Re: Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f2.4 + NEX 7

narenek wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

narenek wrote:

tried again.. although had put to manual hadn't moved it far enough across to actually engage it.../facepalm.

Looking forward to using it and thanks for the help.

BTW if anybody wants one there seems to be one going for buy it now £69 on ebay

sale says it's all good so at that price it might be a steal.

Just be aware that this is different-early version, usually much cheaper than the one I originally posted. This version is f/2.8 instead of f/2.4 and it doesn't have multi coatings. I don't have this version, but some infromations on the web reports that it is less sharp, with slightly smoother bokeh.

Didn't notice it was 2.8 version but did find this gallery with shots from both (and some other 35mm lenses) and it still looks pretty good to my still very amateur eye. Comments  were

'I have both the Flektogons you are talking about, the f/2.8 being the chrome version.
Personally, i like both: the f/2.4 has a great sharpness and color saturation, and it is able to render the bokeh as if it were a painting ...
The f/2.8 has a lower contrast, but a more creamy bokeh, and a great "3D" effect, that the f/2.4 is perhaps lacking ...
Thus, same focal length, but totally different lenses ...'

Zebra versions mostly single coated? Optical arrangements the same?

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