Tilt Adapters: Anyone tried one?

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Re: Tilt Adapters: Anyone tried one?

franzel wrote:

spiderhunter wrote:

On another note, I wonder if anyone has tried this rather unusual looking Arax  tilt/Shift lens. I am keen to know about the IQ of the lens because it has good potential in table top photography.


There's no free lunch - spend the money or go DIY .

Decent enlarger lenses can be pretty good with DIY tilt/shift adapters, or with the more expensive commercial solutions .

Noone has tried the thing you linked to - and if anyone did, his judgement would be questionable .

That's true, most things are not free. But the at least air still is ...

But why, regarding that  Arat lens, are they that bad? If so, how do they survive, then, and who are their clientele? Just curious.

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